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Originally Posted by Craig Grebeck View Post
We're all adverse to that. But if Morel hit for .250 - .260 and played great defense, I'd welcome him to this team with open arms. We need better infield defense -- who am I kidding? We need better defense all around the diamond.
I can agree to this.

For completeness, here is what Josh Fields did @ WS @ 21 years of age:

.285/.333/.445/.778, with 74 Ks, 18 BB, and 7 HR, and 0 SB in 256 AB back in '04.

Brent Morel @ WS @ 22 years of age:

.281/.335/.453/.788 with 66 Ks, 38 BB, 16 HR, and 25 SB in 481 AB this year.

Looking at the two, Fields definitely struck out at nearly twice the rate, but neither took walks at a great rate. Morel actually hit HR at a slightly greater rate than Fields did, if you can believe that. I'm actually encouraged when I compare the two. Here's hoping that Morel can continue to improve. I'd like to see his OPS surpass the .800 mark, though...
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