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I actually had the oppertunity to see Dayan play against west tenn and took some hd video. I came away impressed, hes got tons of raw power and his post ASB numbers for a 20 year old in AA are actually decent, now it was only a 166AB but still not a bad line.

.313/.350/.464 good for a .814 ops.

all through out the season i listened to the barons webcasts, and he punishes the ball to all fields. Next year, now that hes had sometime to adjust to the states I think he breaks out in a big way; if getz and nix can't perform at a competent level and management thinks Gordon is destined for the MI i think he could easily see a call up midway through the season. Just give him some time hes still raw but he shows a ton of promise, and Hahn has already stated that both he and alexei are under team control for six years; no need to rush him.

Lastly for a little comparisons sake; Carlos Lee at age 22 in Birmingham

.302/.350/.485 .834OPS

I think Dayan will be fine and playing for the sox for a long time to come.
"I don't give anybody the job just because -- you earn it," Guillen said. "I have a couple guys fighting for the job, and whoever performs better, that's who is going to stay." - Ozzie Guillen

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