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Originally Posted by Dibbs View Post
LOL, I guess your concrete evidence of his conveniently picked last 12 IP take precedence over his career stats. I watch him pitch and I don't see him being a good reliever anytime soon. I hope we hang on to Dotel. It is nice to have that strikeout pitcher coming out of the pen with people on base. I hope Kenny proves me wrong on this one. I think he gave up much, much more than he had to on this one. Not to mention, Pena is no spring chicken.
He's not old either, and I'm not one for committing money to Dotel when it will be scarce after the Rios and Peavy acquisitions.

I also don't understand this idea that he has, in your words, "always been" terrible. That's hyperbolic, and stupid. That's on par with the few posters who say Nix has "always battered minor league pitching" or something to that extent. It's simply not true. Pena's been useful in the past and I wouldn't bet against a return to form in Chicago.

Also, the deification of Brandon Allen is pretty ridiculous. He was mediocre in Birmingham and downright bad in Charlotte. He's a first baseman who has serious questions with the bat. Kill me for not being bowled over by a small sample size of games in the PCL, which is a hitter's amusement park.
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