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Originally Posted by KenBerryGrab View Post
Love the kid, but how can he project as a big-league center fielder when he couldn't even win that job on his college team?
J-Mitch can play all 3 OF positions.
We used him in RF, because that's where we needed him.

We had 2 other guys that could play CF, neither of whom were better than Mitchell in RF.
And our LF was actually our 2B before we shuffled the infield a bit.

Originally Posted by DumpJerry View Post
The video clip did mention that his defensive skills need working on.

He will get better at this.
He still takes some bad routes to the ball, but his speed is usually enough to compensate.

Only other problem, is that he sometimes has too much confidence in his wheels. So he'll lay out with full extension after a ball that he'd be better off one hopping.
Sometimes he'll make that play, but others the ball gets past him allowing the hitter at least 1 extra base and sometimes more.

These things can and probably will be fixed.
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