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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
I still have some of the promo things I've gotten over the years; an actual wooden bat from bat day, a Magglio Ordonez bobblehead, a pennant... Stuff I kind of cherish as souvenirs of my fanhood. It wouldn't stop me from going to games (I still like the fireworks), but yes, the White Sox promo schedule is absolutely ****ing terrible. They should be ashamed.

So the question, I guess, is why? What's different this year? Are they not able to find the same sponsorship for the promotional giveaways? Did they do a worse job selling those opportunities? Did ownership decide they could profit by millions of dollars by not giving away cheap crap they import from China for nothing? I have no idea.

But to your point in the other thread, I wouldn't want to watch Danks, FLoyd and CQ leaving and us being saddled with inferior talent because we spent more money on promotional stuff. And I damn sure wouldn't change my attendance pattern based on it.

But in any case - this might be an approriate time to email Brooks. I wonder what the Sox explanation would be about what you guys characterize as a terrible promotion schedule. (me personally - I don't even look at the promotional schedule - it has no impact on me.
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