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Originally Posted by BubblingCalderon View Post
I usually have my Girlfriend buy me the Ozzie plan for Christmas. Then in January when the promotions are announced I end up with like 10 fireworks nights and zero giveaways. Did i mention I'm burned out on fireworks nights. This year I decided I was gonna wait until the promotions were released and buy games based on what giveaways I wanted.
Then, when the promotional schedule was released, I was so disappointed with it I didn't renew my Ozzie plan.

I started thinking whats the point of being a season ticket holder. My tickets never got any closer, I can't take off work for the home opener, and I hate the Cubs Sox series. There really isn't any benefit to the Ozzie plan. Also since I'm already committed to 13 games it prevents me from going to games at the spur of the moment.

Some of us buy season tickets because we love the sox and love watching white sox baseball live. I am dissapointed in some of the promotions this year as well, but I'm not going to cancel my season ticket plan over it, and I'm sure many other season ticket holdiers feel the same way.
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