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Originally Posted by BubblingCalderon View Post
I complained about the horrible promotions this season when they called to ask me why I didn't renew the Ozzie plan this year. I pointed out how I was getting more Giveaways at out of town Sox games (Cincinnati, Minnesota, and Toronto) than I could get if I attended every Sox home game this season. I'm sick of fireworks nights. I think they should cut down the amount of fireworks nights they do. It really sucks watching thoes displays after the Sox lose.
I couldn't agree more. I love the promotional games. Have you seen how many bobblehead days some teams have? In particular the Brewers. What happened to the wood baseball bats, the coolers, backpacks? I still go to a good amount of games but those giveaways were awesome. I can understand maybe not giving away the baseball bats for safety but it's not because of not being able to get companies to sponsor it. Other teams have no problem getting sponsors to cover it. If it's free ... It's for me. I don't mind the fireworks but that's all they have now. I'm happy with the 10 fireworks after they win.

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