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Default Member Subscription Program in place

As discussed a few months ago, WSI is implementing a paid subscription program to help defray some of the operating costs of the site. We're pleased to announce this system is now in place, and the details are as follows;

It's important to note that all the existing board privileges for the regular 'Registered' users will remain intact. No functionality will be taken away from those who do not wish to purchase a paid subscription, and Basic Membership will remain free.

Additional Information:
  • You can purchase a subscription plan by going to your UserCP and using the link "Paid Subscriptions" in the left-hand menu (near the bottom under Miscellaneous)
  • Upgrading between plans will be the difference between both plans, pro-rated by the number of months remaining on your subscription
  • Payments are accepted via Paypal. If you would like to arrange for an alternative payment method, please email
  • Home address information is not required for Paypal transactions
  • No refunds will be issued for loss of membership privileges due to rule violations.
  • New features may be added, as they become available
  • A 'Donate' button will be accessible from the main forum page for anyone interested in making a general donation.

This thread will also serve as a Q&A, if you have any questions or technical issues to report.

Thank you for your continued support,

WSI Staff

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