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Originally Posted by Britt Burns View Post
I'm not sure if I follow his logic...even if Flowers has to move to 1st, he still projects better as a hitter than Allen, and would be a better fielder as well as it appears Allen is DH material only in the majors.

And I wonder how if he is having trouble evaluating Flowers as a catcher after three years in the minors he can evaluate Viciedo when all that is around on him is a very small amount of BP on video and 2nd or 3rd hand scouting reviews? (And don't get me wrong--I think Viceido will be a great player. I just don't think these rankings make a lot of sense but were pulled out of someones you-know-where without fully thinking them through.)
Well said, I was thinking the exact same thing.

Personally, I think Flowers is going to be a monster regardless of position.
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