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Originally Posted by tebman View Post
I knew when I found these on YouTube last night that I needed to get them on here so more people would find them. I'm old enough to have spent time in the old ballpark from the '60s through the '80s so it was a real kick to see these.

"Cozy" is a good word, but "comfortable" is what I would call it. The place was old and had the character that a building can only get with age. The best parts of these videos are being under the stands, in the picnic area, in the bleachers, behind the scoreboard, and in the upper deck seats. That's how you catch the feel of it. It was full of corners and crannies that made it feel cozy and comfortable even when it had 40,000 people in it.

I remember the sound of it. The ballpark was concrete and steel and because of the wraparound upper deck it had its own acoustic quality that you get a sense of in these videos. It had a characteristic smell too, mostly of beer, hot dogs, and cigars -- that was also part of what made it comfortable. I always felt like I was at a friend's party when I went to a game.

The whole place was old-school, which made it very easy to see Joe Jackson or Luke Appling or Babe Ruth on the field next to Frank Thomas. There was a tangible connection to the previous 80 years. And yes, Nancy is the goods!

Those were great nights. The ballpark really had reached the end of its life by that point, and I miss it, but it's okay. After 18 years I can see lines of character seeping into USCF too. I hope that years from now somebody keeps a similar record of USCF before the next ballpark comes along.
That was a well said summary of your experience at Comiskey. I agree with all of it. I really miss that place a lot.

Another thing to note is that times were really different then. When I was a kid, my folks had no problem with me roaming the park on my own and letting me discover what great place it really was. Can't do that today for both reasons of society/safety and it's not allowed.
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