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Part 3 is REALLY cool.

At about the 2:15 mark they go up to the catwalk next to the scoreboard.
3:37 - A nice shot of the city skyline and Armour Park.
4:00 - They find themselves in the last row in the LF corner, where there appears to be 2 rows where the seats have been removed and bare concrete remains.
4:08 - She takes the camera and points it at him, and to me he resembles a young Tom Hanks for some reason. Especially when he claps. ?
5:09 - She shoots a broken seat resting up against a wall.
5:26 - They record a guy watching the game thru either a telescope or the scope of an assault rifle.
6:21 - One on one with NANCY!!
7:32 - They play the attendance game! And guess what?? The highest number is incorrect!!!

Finally, a mysterious twist at the end.
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