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This guy really did a nice job! I watched pt. 1 and I am 1/2 way thru part 2 and I gotta hand it to this guy.

-He narrates just enough, but not too much.
-He has cool shots of Andy T. Clown, the players, the pregame, and the fireworks after a HR.
-His wife seems fairly miserable, and he could not care less.
-Nancy provides the soundtrack.
-Shots of the concourse in pt.2 are pretty cool. He says at one point "There's the Mexican food" and he pans over to a concession stand with a sign hanging over it that says simply "Mexican Food." I dont know why I found that funny, I guess I'm just used to concession stands having cute names today.
-Also, notice the exposed, unpainted brick while they walk the concourse. Just a glimpse of what the place looked like under all of that white paint.
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