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Originally Posted by Britt Burns View Post
And we didn't even draft them. Both had some track record of success and durability in the minors before we acquired them. I think the whole Moneyball- Billy Beane drafting strategy has been proven as a fraud by now, but the one part of that I agree with is to not waste high-round picks on HS pitchers.
It was never suppose to be a be-all, end-all. The thing with Beane is he typically wants to do what give him the best value.

At the time Moneyball came out people were down on college pitchers and high on high school pitchers. Billy was merely trying to say, I can get low-risk players at a great value at this point of time so I'm going to do it.

You're now seeing a few more teams go after college players and thus drive the value up, now if you look at some Billy Beane drafts they tend to have a decent amount of high school players.
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