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Originally Posted by Save McCuddy's View Post
As far as I can see, we're in year 1 of totally revamping our farm system. They've made great strides so far and have added quality players to make each level more competitive. I'm willing to be patient -- not expecting breakthrough super stars just yet.
Disagree and agree at the same time. We have used our farm system for so long to make trades it is unreasonable to think we would have this amazing system, but it is very frustrating watch us blow first round pick after first round pick. How good would someone like Joba or Matt Garza look throwing for us instead of scrubs like Broadway and Mcculloch. While Poreda is a nice 50-60 ranked prospect with a strong mid rotation ceiling, the guy we passed up for him he is a top 5-10 prospect depending whos rankings you look at. The Farm could be a lot stronger than it is, but as long as we keep drafting on the cheap, knocking out the half of the draft represented by Boras and blowing picks on people like Kenny's son, we will NEVER have a top 10 farm.
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