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Originally Posted by Randar68 View Post
Uhhh, the Twins didn't exactly "develop" Torii Hunter, Johan Santana, Joe Nathan, Joe Mauer, Liriano, or Justin Mourneau...

their secondary players? that do a good job of stressing fundamentals and the like with those guys so they don't have a lot of gaping holes in their games, but they have had a lot of impact players that were either very high draft picks or just great talents.
Well first off, half of those guys didn't even come through their system. Santana, Nathan and Liriano all came through other systems. Nathan wasn't even a prospect when they acquired him, Santana was a Rule 5 pickup and Liriano was a thrown-in to the AJ deal.

They are great at teaching, through all their levels of developement they learn all the same things. It's not like they go to A and are told to drive the ball out of the park, then go to AA and told, put it on the ground and steal bases, it's a very fluid, well coached, well managed minor league system.
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