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Originally Posted by Randar68 View Post
Uhhh, the Twins didn't exactly "develop" Torii Hunter, Johan Santana, Joe Nathan, Joe Mauer, Liriano, or Justin Mourneau...

their secondary players? that do a good job of stressing fundamentals and the like with those guys so they don't have a lot of gaping holes in their games, but they have had a lot of impact players that were either very high draft picks or just great talents.
Uhhh, this is exactly what I said.

I said, for the most part, the guys that help them a lot are good, fundamentally sound players. The key words being, 'for the most part.' Johan, Nathan, and Liriano are not even products of the Twins' system. If you want to go this route, the Sox have been successful at nabbing other teams' top players, too (Danks, Floyd, Quentin, Jenks). The Sox also had a guy named Magglio Ordonez go through their system years ago (like Hunter).

Mauer and Morneau are just great talents. One of them was from being so awful they got a top pick, the other was just a great snag. Let's not act like everyone that comes through their system is a Justin Morneau, though. It's more likely you will find a Buscher, a Casilla, a Kubel, etc.

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