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Originally Posted by oeo View Post
I've always thought the Twins have been best at developing players, not necessarily finding the best talent. They can get the best out of fringe players, which is what they do year in and year out. That's how they always stay respectable...they always have that annoying ****er in AAA who comes up and doesn't try to do too much. They develop good, sound ballplayers, but the talent isn't great (most of the time).

Seems like a lot of people here like to believe the Twins just have unbelievable draft after unbelievable draft, and their farm is just crawling with talent.
Uhhh, the Twins didn't exactly "develop" Torii Hunter, Johan Santana, Joe Nathan, Joe Mauer, Liriano, or Justin Mourneau...

their secondary players? that do a good job of stressing fundamentals and the like with those guys so they don't have a lot of gaping holes in their games, but they have had a lot of impact players that were either very high draft picks or just great talents.
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