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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
I will be watching to see how this deal turns out both in the future (say three years) but more importantly this year, because Vazquez and his 12 or so wins and 200 innings is not here anymore replace by more "maybe's" and the possibility (how large I don't know) of getting an "All-Star caliber catcher."
Vazquez's 12 wins came in 33 starts. He was 4 games under .500 and had a losing record on a team that won 88 games, and he was the only starting pitcher with a losing record (of the five starters who started the season). He made $11.5-million a year. He will not be missed.

The value was getting rid of him, his losing record, big salary, and inability to pitch under any kind of pressure. What they got for him is irrelevant as far as I'm concerned. The point is KW was able to find someone to take $23-million in salary off the Sox books and still get some players in return that may--or may not--make it to the majors. This is addition by subtraction (the team's ability to manage their payroll).

When people just toss around players and inning eaten or Ks or what have you, you have to keep in mind what production you get for that money. The Sox were not getting anything of substance from Vazquez for the kind of money they were paying him. 11 and half million is a lot of money.
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