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Allow me to clarify my intentions since I think you have misunderstood them, then I've got to clean up and head out to the gameday shoot around.

My interest in Flowers is purely based upon the fact that this deal for better or worse is going to impact the 2009 White Sox. (I suspect it will be the second possibility.) Not in how it will impact the Sox minor league system.

The "key" to this deal in Kenny's own words was getting Flowers as a "potential future All Star caliber catcher." (and an important secondary reason to remove Vazquez's salary off the books and help trim payroll.)

Will those signed to replace Javy's average numbers (12 wins, 200 innings) be able to do so? We'll see. Will Flowers ever become an "All-Star caliber catcher?" we'll see.

History shows that Kenny has not had success regarding the Sox minor league system overall since he was involved in it beginning in the late 90's...that's a fact not speculation.

His best success has come in shipping off these (in my opinion) overhyped prospects to get real, actual, major league players who have demonstrated some success at the big league level. That is his strength and that is what he should continue to do in my opinion because history shows that's the only thing that's worked.

At this point in time I have no reason to think that Flowers will be anything but another in this line. I wasn't searching for the scouts comments on Chicago Tribune Live! I tape it everyday and scan through it to get Sox news. I found it very interesting that they did not regard Flowers in the same vein that apparently Kenny does (through his own directly commented words.)

I will be watching to see how this deal turns out both in the future (say three years) but more importantly this year, because Vazquez and his 12 or so wins and 200 innings is not here anymore replace by more "maybe's" and the possibility (how large I don't know) of getting an "All-Star caliber catcher."

It doesn't mean that I am contradicting myself in my opinion on minor leaguers in general or the Sox minor league system. I am however very interested to see if this ultimately goes into the success or failure column for Kenny.

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