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Originally Posted by Craig Grebeck View Post
Lip posted this just the other day. I just think this is the epitome of a totally false and simplistic ideology about how baseball teams are run. Basically, he is saying that concerning himself with the minor leagues is a waste of time. Then why even bother asking about Flowers? He's clearly set a precedent for himself, and already told people not to give a "tinker's cuss" about any minor leaguer.

My tone and phrasing were a bit harsh, so I apologize for that.
Only because you interpret it that way, and your view is biased. Approach ten Sox fans in the parking lot before a game and ask them for an opinion on Jordan Danks, I'll bet at least seven of them will say, "don't you mean John?"

His view on how the business of baseball works is probably a lot closer to the truth than yours.
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