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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
This list is pretty good. The 8/9/07 Hawk bobblehead was never released.

There are many other Alexander Global Productions (AGP) bobbleheads that have been made in addition to the stadium giveaways. Every winter for the Sox fantasy camp, AGP makes a bobblehead for that event (limited to 500 +/-). In recent years, some of the players that have been made were: Thigpen, Carlos May, Greg Walker, Paciorek, Baines and Melton. There was a Jose Valentin bobble made around 2003. Also in 2003, AGP produced some bobbleheads that were sold in stores under the name "Bobble Dobbles"...these were Konerko (batting), Mags (throwing), Mags (batting w/ 2003 All-Star Game logo).

I haven't really made an effort to track down the missing ones. I'm still kicking myself that I got rid of the Hawk/DJ bobble. I don't have the Aparicio or Fox bobbles from the early 2000s or the Frank Thomas home white-pinstripes. I almost picked up the Bill Melton at Grandstand last year for $10, but the only one they had left had his arm broken off.
The camp also gave out Art Kusnyer