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Originally Posted by btrain929 View Post
Somewhere, right now, Lillibridge is in a batting cage, with a copy of this prospect report taped to the L-screen...
i recently read brent's mind which i will share with you along with a visual aid...

"psshh... i couldnt crack the top 20? ill show them... in the meantime, man i really gotta do somethin' 'bout these right here ears of mine!"

Originally Posted by Craig Grebeck View Post
The in depth descriptions will appear in his book that comes out soon. He's not going to post everything on his blog for free.
He should give away some GOOD stuff for free if he wants people to buy his book. Why would anyone buy it if he can't spell a player's name right or be more creative with his 1-2 sentence reviews? Hey Craig, you've already pre-ordered it haven't you?
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