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Originally Posted by Cognation View Post
From what it seems, Flowers will be at B or DH and of course you draft for talent not need.
even if you positive Flowers is going to be your catcher for the next 15 years... thats the one position you always draft no matter what you can always trade a good catcher prospect for value.

people need to get over the Porcello vs Poreda argument. drafting Porcello was never an option... right or wrong the white sox as an organization do not draft over slot in the first round. we were never going to draft Porcello in the late first round and give him top 5 money. that has nothing to do with Poreda as a draft pick. the simple matter of fact is right now his floor as a prospect is a set-up man/ closer with a sinking fastball in the high 90's... with a ceiling of a #2 or 3 starter if his slider develops as a plus pitch or they can get him to throw a cutter. any organization would be happy to draft him in the late 20's in the draft
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