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I've yet to read a scouting report on Poreda that doesn't mention he's significantly more likely to end up in a bullpen than in a rotation. If you have one, I'd be willing to take it into consideration. But even things I read on the Sox website mention this. Heck, even Kenny has said it.
I think this is more of a situation where he keeps getting mentioned as a bullpen guy because that's where he can make the sooner impact on the major league squad. We don't have many, if any, internal options jumping off the page to fill Boone's spot that has been vacated. But as far as SP's go, we have at least 3: Richard, Marquez, and Broadway (I don't believe Broadway is an option, but others seem to think so). I don't think him continually being mentioned in the bullpen are statements discussing his "ceiling" or possible role in 2-3 years.
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