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Originally Posted by btrain929 View Post
Why the **** wasn't he on the 40 man? Because we had to give a spot to John Van Benscrodum? This is like the guy we lost to the A's Fernando Hernandez last year all over again, except he didn't amount to ****. Why would they send him to the AFL if they didn't intend to keep him on the 40 man? In 14 relief appearances, he only allowed runs in 2 of them....

I know I'm probably making a bigger deal out of it than I should, but I just shutter at the idea of another team snagging one of our players and then doing well, when I know we have a handful of scrubs on our 40 man that didn't deserve Derek's spot.
I'm guessing D-Rod doesn't stick on the Rays 25 man all year, but I get your point and I would have protected him instead of Jimenez
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