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[quote=Domeshot17;2115021]This is stomach turning for me

In one sense, we are debating if our best pitching prospect will ever be a starter in one thread, and in another, the guy we passed on, the guy I eat crap for saying we should have taken over Poreda, is ranked number 4 in all over baseball. I know these rankings don't mean a ton, but say the JD deal goes through, and we get Homer Bailey, and say for fun Coop gets him back to form. Porcello-Danks-Floyd-Bailey could be the closest thing baseball will ever see to Smoltz-Glavine-Maddux-Avery. 4 top flight, young, pitching prospects. 4 pitching prospects that at one point were all thought to be future cy young winners.

Poreda isn't bad, but its choices like this, CHEAP CHOICES and a refusal to work with Boras, that keep us from having a top 15 minor league system (not the fact we don't always get top 10 picks).[/quote]
Great post, and I am aware you said if but I think it's hard to say that both Porcello and Bailey pan out to their maximum potential while Danks and Floyd stay at the level they played in 2008. The fact that we have later picks will DEFINETLY contribute.
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