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Originally Posted by btrain929 View Post
I'll let champagne argue with you 'cuz your tit-tat conversation is annoying....

"Don't act like what you wrote was clear" - HUH? I bolded exactly where I said that he wasn't that good of a reliever when we acquired him. It's not like we traded for Scot Shields or Linebrink at the time.
That was never my argument. For insulting me on my reading comprehension, you are not very good at it. My entire argument was that MacDougal was needed at the time. Sometimes you have to overpay.

"I didn't call you a moron, I said you look like a moron if..." - Oh, well then it's okay, we're cool....
I really don't care whether we're 'cool' or not. I'm not going to lose any sleep over you disliking me.

Your entire reply just made me want to type about 50 of these . I bet you go to Charlotte Knights' games and hold up a "Macdougal Rocks!" sign and tell endless stories to people around you about "remember that time back in '06 when Mac threw that sick slider to strike that one guy out? Man that was awesome..."

And you knew this was coming when you decided to cherry-pick 25 IP's out of Macdougal's 2.5 years here to defend. Way to corrupt another thread...
Wow. Again, insult someone on reading comprehension, you better make sure you can comprehend. From the beginning, all I said was it's silly to fret over Cortes because we needed to make the deal at the time. I didn't defend MacDougal's crappiness like you're claiming I did. I said we were looking to repeat and had serious bullpen issues. If you can't understand that, then I don't know what to tell you.

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