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Originally Posted by btrain929 View Post
I said he wasn't that good of a reliever at the time we acquired him, not what he did here. Reading comprehension can be your friend....
Haha, don't act like what you wrote was clear.

And I'm not whining about it, but what good does it do bringing up the good 25IP's he had with us, when he sucked for 2 years after that? That's like saying Boone Logan was a success here because of what he did in '08 from April-Jun, but not caring about what he did in '06, '07, and the end of '08.
I never once said that. My only issue is this whole fantasy world where you can see into the future and reverse trades.

In fact, I said in retrospect you don't make the deal. But fretting over a guy that was 3-4 years away at the time, when we sorely needed bullpen help is silly.

And, in typical oeo fashion, when you run out of stuff to say, go off topic and call someone a moron. My god.....
I didn't call you a moron. I said you look like a moron if you're going to whine about it.
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