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He wasn't THAT good when we got him. It's not like he was a lockdown reliever that got here and lost it. I'm pretty sure he was coming off injury 'cuz he only pitched 4 games for KC in '06 before we got him, and was coming off of seasons where he sported ERA's of 3.33 and 5.56....
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Uh...yeah, he was that good in 2006 for us.

MacDougal was brought here to solidify a bad pen in 2006 when we were looking to repeat as World Champs. He did his job. It's not a situation where Kenny made a deal just to make one. We needed him, or anyone, badly. You just look like a moron whining about it now, when I'm sure you were liking MacDougal in the second half of 2006.
I said he wasn't that good of a reliever at the time we acquired him, not what he did here. Reading comprehension CAN be your friend....

And I'm not whining about it, but what good does it do bringing up the good 25IP's he had with us, when he sucked for 2 years after that? That's like saying Boone Logan was a success here because of what he did in '08 from April-Jun, but not caring about what he did in '06, '07, and the end of '08.

And, in typical oeo fashion, when you run out of stuff to say, go off topic and call someone a moron. My god.....

You stay classy, San Diego....

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Some did have an idea of what was coming. I didn't like the trade then. I thought Lumsden alone was too much. And he wasn't that valuable because he pitched half his 25 innings in situations where we were losing or up big. MacDougal has been pretty craptacular his entire career outside of 1 1/3 seasons.
Thank you, my thoughts exactly. I didn't expect much from him coming here because he was a pretty bad reliever in his time before here. And it didn't take long 'til he returned to said status.

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