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Here's another article:

The new coach was there, sorry I don't remember his name and can't find anything online, but I think his first name is John.

The name is pretty lame, but it didn't keep the crowd from just about buying the souvenirs out at their kick-off. They served a free lunch, so the place was mobbed with people working in the downtown area.

The guy who named the team (his entry was the first received of several for the same name) won season tickets for the first year and $200.00 gift card for the team shop.

The stadium will open sometime in '09 and was orignally supposed to be $22M but they added on another $16M to it to add an upper deck, a restaurant, and a carnival type play area for kids (their old stadium has a carousel). They have a sole owner, a local entrepaneur (sp?) who is sure to make a ton of money.

Oh yes, the team resigned a 5 year contract with the White Sox...

I took some pictures, but not sure they're worth posting for such a mealy name as "Dash"
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