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Originally Posted by champagne030 View Post
And completely **** himself outside of those 25 innings that resulted in missing the playoffs. We'd all clearly reverse that trade if possible.
Obviously, but this is stupid. Life would be a lot easier if you could know what was coming.

It's stupid to fret over Cortes. You wanted another championship in 2006, did you not? A reliever in the back end of our bullpen (or anywhere, for that matter) was a necessity.

Originally Posted by btrain929 View Post
Two months of being good .vs. Two years of bad god awful.....

He's just saying that obviously, in hindsight, we didn't come out on top....
Well, anyone can tell you that. In retrospect you don't make the trade, but you can't make decisions based on knowing what the future holds. At the time, we got a very good set up man in a bullpen that was a complete disaster. I'd be 100% behind the move again considering the circumstances.

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