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Originally Posted by soxrepublican View Post
I can say I do agree with you, we could use some upgraded fan shops, (FYI, our shop is open all season, I think 9-5 every day), But what I dont agree with is some of these people who want a whole plaza with bars, a mall, and all kinds of crazy ****. Another resterant-bar like the bullpen, would be cool, and a better fan shop would be nice, too. ( I encorouge people to by Sox stuff at the park b/c the sox get 100% of profit) And this is MY opinion, its cool if you disagree with me.
You and I know the place is open everyday, but we are in the vast minority. The one time I went there on a non-game day, I had to be privately escorted up the elevator, and the place had to be unlocked for me. Plus, the woman who brought me up there sat and waited for me to buy something because she had to lock it back up when I was done and escort me back down. Not exactly the best set-up for a place of business.
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