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The frontage Sox Park has along the Dan Ryan Expressway is an obvious marketing asset, 24/7/365. It's the one and only means the Sox can directly "connect" with its fanbase in a REAL way (versus merely a virtual way) most of the days between October and April.

The annual 3-day SoxFest is nothing compared to the marketing potential of building Sox Fan allegiances year-round with a restaurant/bar and gift shop along such a visible piece of real estate located along such a major transportation artery for the metropolitan area. Unlike SoxFest, it's working for you everyday, not just for a select few people for a select few days inside a hotel basement. This is a no-brainer...

My only recommendation would be for the Sox to have several of the most-popular Sox Park staples available at their restaurant/bar, including Polish Dogs, funnel cakes, and naturally churros!
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