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Originally Posted by skobabe8 View Post
I'm not sure who appointed you the official spokesman of the white sox fanbase. Alot of people want a nicer team store, including me. Check this thread alone. Many new stadiums have teamstores that are open on non-game days. St. Louis, San Fran and Milwaukee off the top of my head have some really nice ones. Ours lacks in comparison.
I can say I do agree with you, we could use some upgraded fan shops, (FYI, our shop is open all season, I think 9-5 every day), But what I dont agree with is some of these people who want a whole plaza with bars, a mall, and all kinds of crazy ****. Another resterant-bar like the bullpen, would be cool, and a better fan shop would be nice, too. ( I encorouge people to by Sox stuff at the park b/c the sox get 100% of profit) And this is MY opinion, its cool if you disagree with me.
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