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I like that the SOX and the ISA are both continuing to work on improving the fan experience. It appears they listened to most of the fan complaints when it came to the renovations inside the park and I think they are now trying to make sure the fan experience outside the Cell matches up to those at other ballparks and what fans want.

I think most hard core fans would sit on wood planks and pee in splash troughs in exchange for a playoff team every season, however I think these changes are being made to attract new ans and city visitors than cater to the hard core fan base.

I really like what has happened with the organization under the Williams/Broyer era, so I hope all this continues.

I still think they should build a grand entrance in the LF corner that (a) can be seen from the expressway to help market the team and (b) allow easier access from the public transportation - L Tracks and pending Metra stop....
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