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Originally Posted by schmitty9800 View Post
Yeah I'm wrong about saying "every time", but he put up .266/.333/.495 in '04 to convince the Sox to call him up and .355/.452/.711 in '07 to convince the Marlins to call him up.
His 2004 numbers were not what I'd call "raking". He was a 25 year old farmhand in a hitter's park, and his .827 OPS was worse than 2B Bryant Nelson, SS Bobby Smith, and C Ryan Hankins, all of whom had at least as many at-bats. He was only called up because Magglio got hurt; he didn't hit his way to Chicago.

His 2007 numbers were as a 28 year old in one of the best hitter's parks in all of baseball (Albuquerque), and in only 76 at-bats.
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