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Interesting that Broadway turned down an offer to join the team for the Divisional Series. Was he playing in a fall league or rehabbing something or could he have been bitter about Russell and Richard passing him by? I can't understand why an early-20s ballplayer would turn down a chance to hang out in the dugout for a playoff series.
No, in my opinion (before people jump down my throat), he's just an arrogant little bitch who thinks he's better than what he really is and he wanted to go feel sorry for himself. He didn't give KW any reason why he didn't stay, and none of the reporters ever found out why either. I know it's not mandatory, but, wink wink, you should probably stay.

They interviewed Wassermann and he was absolutely thrilled to be able to stay with the team. Same with Bourgeois. Like you said, you'd figure most players would act like Ehren did, but....
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