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They signed Tiago Calixto for $300,000, Rafi Reyes for $525,000 and Leopold Sanchez for $170,000.

All were awful.
Originally Posted by Jeff B View Post
I'm not sure you're understanding what I'm saying. I'm not saying these players have no potential whatsoever, I was just saying that all 3 of them had awful seasons. They may all have very easily correctable flaws, which, once corrected could lead them on the path to stardom, it very well could be the case. They may have all been working on a specific part of their game which ended up hurting their numbers, in the long run it could be great for development but in the short run could have been what led to their awful seasons.
You just said 2 different things. 1st post you said they were awful. Then you tried to backtrack saying "no, no, they just had an awful season, but I never said they had no potential." If you truly thought they had potential, you would have said so in your first post somewhere before or after "they're awful."
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