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Originally Posted by Craig Grebeck View Post
Uhhh...Danny Richar was not with us that long. Boone was rushed but showed flashes of talent.

Daver, I understand your concern, but don't quite get the comparison to Beckham. Gordon is not Fields, he's not Caruso, Lee, Rowand, or anyone else. He's a solid ballplayer. I don't understand the negativity surrounding him. All reports say Gordon is a quality fielder with above average range and average hands. If anything, they'll have to shift him to 2B. Big deal.

Yes, metal bats inflate statistics, but those numbers are great compared to guys using metal bats. He's also holding his own in the AFL and did well in his minor league debut.

AND he led the Cape Cod League in HR last summer.

I think he's showing a pattern in regards to Sox prospects. Personally I don't think anybody should be listed as a top prospect unless he's played a full minor league season.

Everything he did before signing with the Sox is meaningless, NOW. Let's see how he does playing a full minor league season. He should start out at High A. Let's see how he does before even thinking he'll be an impact player.
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