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Originally Posted by munchman33 View Post graded the ten best drafts. We were not among them.
Originally Posted by cws05champ View Post
I'm a BA subscriber. It has no letter grade, it just goes over the draft and the best tools of the players that were drafted and a description of their tools and how they did in short season ball. I'll just put the catagories and player...I havn't copied/pasted:

Best pure hitter: Tyler Kuhn, Jorge Castillo
Best Power: Beckham, Morel
Best Speed: Justin Greene
Best Defensive player: Jordan Danks
Best fastball: Dexter Carter
Best 2ndary pitch: Steve Upchurch(plus-plus change and curve)
Best pro debut: Carter
Best Athlete: Danks
Best late round pick: Carter, Kuhn(slipped through the cracks)

Sorry to mislead anybody. I was going to post something like this. Didn't mean to say/imply there was a letter grade.

Those grades from that link came right after the draft. The Yankees didn't sign their first and third round picks. Both are now in college, that would greatly reduce their grade.

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