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I never really kept tabs on college ball at all. I don't really know why, but I have a few questions about Beckham.

Will we see him as much in spring training as we did Alexei, and if Beckham plays that well, will he be up in the bigs at the start of the season? How bad does moving to wood bats have an effect on minor leaguers swings?
This is all my opinion.

I don't think we'll see Beckham in spring training as much as Alexei, because there was a legitimate shot for Alexei to make the big league roster. Beckham = not so much. As fans, you would hope that by the time spring comes, our holes at 2b and 3b will be filled, so there'd be no place for Beckham to play anyways.

Now, worst case scenario, would be KW striking out on his plan A-F for 2b and 3b, and Getz/Fields are the probable starters. Then, MAYBE, and only maybe if Beckham tears up the AFL, he could join the battle for a starting gig. But the chances of that are slim to none. I expect him to start in Winston/Salem, and finish the year in Birmingham is progresses smoothly.

As far as wood bats go, I don't know about other players, but Beckham has played in wood bat leagues before (Cape Cod league I believe). So that shouldn't be much of an adjustment for him. Wood bats expose the holes in your swing a little more. With an aluminum bat, a jam shot can get over the SS for a hit, where with a wooden bat, it's a broken bat squibber back to the pitcher.
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