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Originally Posted by btrain929 View Post
Besides him being from the Dominican (or wherever he's from), what gives you that impression? I met him in Spring Training, and while he's tall, he looked very young.
Does Alexei Ramirez look 26? He looks like he's about 20 to me. Appearances can be deceiving.

Two bits of info came out in regards to Silverio:

First Phil Rogers calls him a 16-year-old man-child in a little blurb where he explains a few international FA signings. The source of this info is either Wilder, who was fired, or his man Regier, who was re-assigned. So you have corrupt baseball people passing word along to a hack reporter who doesn't see the kid play, and we're supposed to believe any of that is true?

The next bit of info came from an ex-poster at Soxtalk who claimed to be a newly hired player development staff member and somehow knew intimate details of the entire scandal WELL before anyone in the public did, and this guy said he was 20 years old.

For me personally, the poster at Soxtalk is the more credible of the two. While he may be lying, he knew way too much for him to not be involved with the Sox organization somehow. I think either he works for the team, works for another organization, or is closely related to someone who does. Whoever provided the info is a legit source, much more legit IMO than Phil Rogers who prints what gets passed along to him.

Silverio hasn't done anything this year and as another poster mentioned, the talk around him has definitely died down. Silverio may in fact be a prospect for all we know, but anytime a SS who can't play defense signs for $600K and puts up a .228/.265/.361/.586 line in Bristol it looks like a huge waste of cash. 56 K's to 8 BB's, 12 XBH's in 215 AB's is absolutely pathetic, 17 years old or not.

Keep in mind, Jordan Danks, a legit prospect who could've gone in the supplemental first or second round on talent alone, signed for about $500K. There are undrafted 18-year-old high school kids that could hit better than that at Bristol, and for $600K you'd expect the type of kid that, if he'd been in the draft, would've been listed as one of the top-100 prospects in the nation and possibly taken in the first three rounds if his agent isn't a factor. Silverio sure doesn't sound like a player with that kind of talent.

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