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Originally Posted by oeo View Post
I don't know why you would mention the last two decades because the 90s produced quite a few very good major league players (including perennial All Stars).
Maybe my mind is a bit hazy but what perrenial All Stars came up through our system in the 1990s? Frank was up here by 1990, Ventura in '88, Black Jack in '87. The only guys I can think of who have come up through our system that have even made the All Star team since 1991 are: Durham, Baldwin (not sure if he made an All Star team or not), Maggs, Buerhle, Garland, Crede and Rowand. Out of that group I think only Magglio and Buerhle have made the team more than once, though I don't think I'd call either a perennial All Star.

Go Sox!!!
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