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Originally Posted by UofCSoxFan View Post
I think people that lump KWJr and Oney together are completely missing that point. KWJr may or may not pan out but he was good enough to be recruited by Arizona State and then transfer to Wichita State...two of the best baseball programs in the country...I doubt KWSr had much say (if any) on that. If the Sox wouldn't have taken him, another team would have in the next 2 or 3 rounds at the latest. I also believe he was drafted out of high school, but could be wrong on that.

Oney played a North Park, a doormat in the CCIW, one of the tougher conferences in DIII. He put up mediocre numbers there and woudn't have been drafted by anyone. He played 2 years of professional baseball, however, and while didn't embarass himself, did nothing to justify his roster spot for that time frame.

They really don't compare at all.
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