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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
There was no reason to draft Williams Jr 3 rounds too early. If he's interested in playing ball and not just his $500K bonus, then it could still work out okay.

But nepotism is nepotism - I see no reason to excuse it.
Perhaps the reason the Sox "reached for KWJr" is that they were familiar with him. What I mean is, teams tend to like players they see a lot of for whatever reason (they also make an effort to see the players they like so it works both ways). This is why you'll see certain teams take an inoridnate amount of local kids. It's only natural, even if its on a subcocious level.

In the case of KWJr., he MAY have been drafted where he was b/c of nepotism but he may also have been drafted b/c the Sox really liked him and didn't want a team to take him before their next pick (keep in mind any team that liked KWJr. had to believe he was on the Sox radar so he may require a reach on their end).

With Oney, I'm 100% certain the pick was b/c of nepotism. I really think they are two different scenarios.

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Archie Graham: Right.
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