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Originally Posted by FedEx227 View Post
Wow doublem, you've found another one of my threads and found a way to bash it. You should really find something else to do with your time.

No, I found an ESPN list of players, most of those are very good players, Hall of Famers, etc. I'm sure if you went team-by-team and found starters you'd have even more. And yes Don Mattingly, Ken Griffey Sr. and Orel Hershieser were drafted after Kenny Rogers. doublem classic:

I'm not saying the Sox missed out on a lock of a prospect, I'm saying why waste a draft pick on a 3-month family rental when you have the VERY, VERY slim chance of getting a decent ballplayer out of the pick.

The positives of actually taking the draft seriously outweigh any positives we received by drafting Oney. No?
The Sox didn't waste anything. The guys they wanted and thought they could sign were taken. Then the guys that they wanted but didn't think they could sign were taken. Then the guys that they didn't really care about but thought maybe, if they sign, have some small chance of doing something were taken. And then everyone they wanted or might have wanted was taken, so they started filling out rosters and took Oney as a result.

Most teams don't even use the whole draft. With international free agency they are much more concerned with finding talent that way as opposed to long shots in the 30th-50th rounds of the draft who, because of their status, do not even play anyway. It doesn't matter if the Sox took the second coming of Albert Pujols in the 35th round, because the second coming of Albert Pujols would have to earn his playing time on the bench of Great Falls, stick with it, dedicate himself, hope he didn't get cut, and then try to impress the coaching staff during minor league camp in order to beat out a player who has the ceiling of a minor league journeyman utility player.
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