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Originally Posted by jabrch View Post
That's true in every walk of life. And it isn't just true of being the bosses son. Being a favorite has its priveleges.

And here's the sad truth. Now people can piss and moan all they want - but that doesn't change things. When you get into a position of power, it enables you to do things for your family and friends that you otherwise might not be able to do for them.

Here's truth #2. Oney Guillen's existence had no significant adverse impact on the White Sox.

Here's truth #3. It is far to early to conclude that KWJR is the same story. He was projected to go in the 8th round regardless. He is not some talentless stiff who was taken in the back end because of his dad.

I know people need to hate over everything - and most of those people suck. So let them hate. I'd much rather spend my energy celebrating a team that is 1.5 games up with a few weeks left to go, and has a very bright looking present/future.
I agree with this, and would add that if there is anything to bitch about in this year's draft - and there actually isn't much considering this year the Sox did what a Major League organization is supposed to do in the draft - then the bitching should start and end with the selection of Brent Morel in the third round while Tim Melville was available. During the actual draft it sucked to learn that the Sox picked KW Jr. while passing on Jordan Danks through yet another round, but since we got Jordan and he's signed that doesn't matter anymore. KW Jr. is an actual prospect that was on the boards of other teams a bit later than where he was taken. Sure he was a reach, but that doesn't exactly matter right now.

As far as Oney Guillen, who ****ing cares? You don't look for superstars in the 35th round of the draft, and as far as irrelevant lists of superstars who have come from that spot or later, players that are passed up by 30 different organizations over 35 times each are obviously in such dire need of improvement that their signings mean basically nothing. Each team has a list of players they are interested in taking and once all those players are off the board then the only thing left to do is fill minor league rosters with catch and throw guys. If you need a back-up IF who is only going to amass 143 AB's over two years combined, why not take the manager's son instead of Joe Schmoe from Buttcrack University who sucks just as bad? I mean come on. This whole argument is ridiculous.
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