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Originally Posted by FedEx227 View Post
Kenny Rogers: 39th Round
John Smoltz: 22nd Round
Trevor Hoffman: 11th Round
Ted Lilly: 23rd Round
Roy Oswalt: 23rd Round
Jake Peavy: 15th Round
Brandon Webb: 8th Round
Andy Pettitte: 20th Round
Albert Pujols: 13th Round
Jeff Kent: 20th Round
Jason Bay: 20th Round
Nate McLouth: 25th Round
Jim Thome: 13th Round
Jose Canseco: 15th Round
Jeff Conine: 58th Round
Orel Hershieser: 17th Round
Mark Grace: 24th Round
Don Mattingly: 19th Round
Ryne Sandberg: 20th Round
Ken Griffey Sr: 29th Round
Raul Ibanez: 36th Round

And you can keep ignoring the fact that there is a much higher probability we find a diamond in the rough (albiet under 5%) than there was of Oney making anything of himself (0.00000000000001%).
You've gone back to when Kenny Rogers was drafted and found about 20 baseball players.


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