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Originally Posted by khan View Post
Point taken, though I WAS referring to the other poster who suggested this.

But it is true that there are many more .378 Rookie Ball hitters that do nothing with their careers than there are former .378 Rookie Ball hitters that succeed at a higher level. I for one see nothing to get amped up about, until Kuhn can do it in AA and AAA.

For that matter, I'd like to have him hit in AA and AAA, AND learn how to catch the ball at the same time.

If its not too much to ask, I'd like him to be able to learn how to throw, and run the bases, at a higher level than Rookie Ball, too.

Oh, and if I'm not being too demanding, I'd like Mr. Kuhn to be able to stay healthy throughout the process of learning how to hit, catch, throw, and run at a higher level than Rookie Ball.

In sum, I'll check in on young Mr. Kuhn in 2010 or 2011, by which time we should be able to see if he has any REAL potential to play in the Bigs.
Don't completely dismiss rookie ball statistics. They do matter in the grand scheme of things.
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