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Originally Posted by JorgeFabregas View Post
I wonder why his production dropped off so much after being traded.
No kidding, I didn't realize how bad it was. When he was dealt to the Padres, he was leading the Sox in hitting, in fact., just off a cliff. Maybe, just maybe, KW knew something was going on a la Freddy Garcia and sold as high as he could?

edit: Checking Mack's wikipedia page, he underwent surgery for a "double sports hernia" after the '07 season, so my speculation may not have been as wild as I had thought.

FWIW, I thought Mack was a tremendous asset to the Sox who was (unfairly) being treated like dirt when he was asked to play out of position for an extended period of time.

Playing people in center field who wouldn't ordinarily have any business in center field seems to be SOP for Ozzie, though.

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